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I am so excited that you are visiting this site! While here, you'll learn a little about God's work in my life.
This first thing you need to know is, I have made many mistakes. My mistakes are fewer now, because I study God's word and have learned to surrender to His Holy Spirit's guidance. I have learned to share my wisdom with those whom I am mentoring so they do not learn life's lessons the hard way! By this, God is glorified.
During my youth, I faced many difficulties. But now, because of Whom I belong to, my actions and heart no longer respond to difficult circumstances in an ordinary way. God's Word and His love for me have taught me a new way to respond. My friend, this is only possible because of Who lives in me. Do you know this God? If not, I hope you will soon get to know Him -- for without God we can do nothing, but with Him, all things are possible! (Luke 1:37)
Living to give, 

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What's New on this Site?

Because this site in a work in progress, in this section I will provide an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

12/07/14 - Added new section/page entitled: Lessons Learned
If you have never visited this site, then everything is new! 

What I'm Currently Reading

Called & Accountable: God's Purpose for Every Believer, by Henry T. Blackaby and Kerry L. Skinner is a re-read for me! I felt led to revisit this book because it was useful to me about ten (yes, 10!) years ago when I needed spiritual guidance. Now that I am in a different season of life, I am using this book to hear what God has to say to me today!

If you have not read this book, I recommend it as a must read!

What I'm Currently Reading as a Group Study

Daniel Part 2: Gaining Understanding of the Time of the End (Chapters  7 - 12), a Precept Upon Precept study by Precept Ministries International, will start January 2015. Part 1 was completed in November 2014. I am excited about learning more about Daniel and the end times!

After studying Daniel Part 2, the group will study the book of Revelation! Visit the link provided below to find our more information about this study. Please join us if you can! 

Crossroads Baptist Church Women's Ministry Bible Studies